How Do You Track Weight Gained With a Calorie Chart?


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To use a calorie chart to track weight gain, record daily weight measurements next to your daily calorie intake; free online calculators such as those on HealthStatus.com and FreeDieting.com can help you with tracking. Over time, careful tracking may help you determine the calorie intake you need to achieve a certain weight.

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To use the HealthStatus.com weight gain calculator, enter your age, sex, height and current weight, followed by your average level of physical activity. The calculator displays the amount of calories you should eat each day to maintain your current weight, as well as the amount of calories you need to increase your weight at different speeds.

If you know your goal weight or goal amount of calories, using a calorie chart to track your daily weight and calorie intake may help you keep a consistent calorie intake and level of weight gain. If you do not wish to gain weight, using a calorie chart in combination with tracking your weight may help you find correlations between your calorie intake and weight gain so you can determine the best average calorie intake for your metabolism and level of activity. A calorie chart also helps you keep your calorie intake consistent, which is a factor in maintaining a certain weight.

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