What Are Total Gym Exercises?


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The Total Gym workout system uses specific exercises that work out the abdominal muscles, arms, back, chest and legs. The Total Gym Exercises website features a wide range of workout exercises that target specific muscle groups. Someone interested in working out his abs on a Total Gym machine can do the resisted crunch. This exercise targets both upper and lower abdominal muscles.

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A person with access to a Total Gym machine can use it to tone up his buttocks, thighs and calves by performing several routines, according to the Total Gym Exercises website. To complete a basic squat on the machine, an individual leans on the glide-board at a 90 degree angle, and uses his feet to move from a squatting position to a straight position. To tighten the thighs, he completes a series of front lunges. He stands at the base of the machine and glides one leg up and down the glide-board.

According to Mike the Machine, the Total Gym offers workout exercises for people at all training levels. A favorite bodybuilding workout for developing the chest and back muscles is called "around the worlds." Mike the Machine describes this workout: He rests on his back on the glide-board, with his arms extended, and pulls the hand weights at different angles. A fast-motion routine produces a cardio workout, with fat-burning results.

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