What Is a Toric Lens Implant?


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A toric lens implant refers to a specialized eye lens made of clear plastic or silicone and is used by eye surgeons to correct astigmatism. These lens implants are commonly used as an alternative to regular glasses even though in certain cases they can be used together with regular glasses.

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Astigmatism is a condition of the eye that renders the cornea football-shaped instead of being spherical in shape. This makes it difficult for a person with the condition to see clear images since they appear blurred or shadowed. Before having the lenses implanted, opticians carry out various tests to determine the health of the patient's eye and the right lenses to fit.

One of the advantages of using toric lens implants is that they are known to be quite safe. The procedure carried out to implant the lenses is straightforward and has been recorded to have been successful in more than 1.5 million patients, according to the Alcon company.

Another advantage of these lenses is that they eliminate the need to use normal glasses which may be cumbersome. The lenses are also more predictive when compared to relaxing incisions. The only common complications related to these implants include rotation of the lens or mispositioning with regard to the axis of the astigmatism.

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