What Is the Topical Emulsion Biafine?


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Topical emulsion biafine is a water-based emulsion used for treating and managing wounds, burns and skin abrasions, states Drugs.com. It should not be used on bleeding wounds, skin rashes caused by food or medicine allergies, or if the recipient is allergic to any of its ingredients.

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Topical emulsion biafine is also used for the dressing and management of donor sites, dermal ulcers, sunburns and skin inflammation due to radiation therapy, states Drugs.com. It provides a moist environment that helps the healing process of the wound and protects the wound from getting contaminated by germs.

Precautions before treatment include adhering to the doctor's directions, not ingesting the medicine, avoiding its use before long exposure to the sun, states Drugs.com. Biafine should be kept away from children and should be applied four hours prior to a radiation session. A slight stinging sensation may be felt after use.

For treating and managing wounds, abrasions or full thickness wounds, an individual should wash the affected area with saline water and apply a biafine layer of about 1/4 inch thick to the area, states Drugs.com. Repeating the process as necessary ensures complete healing of the wound. For donor site management, skin should be removed before medication, and then covered with a moist dressing. In case of sunburns, immediately apply 1/2 to 1/4 inch thick layers of the medicine to the affected area until no more pain is felt.

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