What Are the Top Ways to Increase Your Platelet Count?


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Lowering calorie intake, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet and avoiding foods to which the individual is allergic or sensitive are the top ways to increase platelet count, says the Platelet Disorder Support Association. When making drastic diet changes, individuals should first consult their physicians.

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Studies of the effects of calorie-reduction, nutritive diets on humans have shown that such diets help reduce oxidative stress, or inflammation, avoid age-related problems with the cardiovascular system and prevent bone marrow fibrosis, all causes of low platelet counts, according to the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Food allergies are also often responsible for lower platelet counts because they cause symptoms such as fatigue and depression that lead to cell destruction. Eating the right foods is important in maintaining healthy platelet counts, and individuals should completely avoid certain foods, such as alcohol, sugar-free products containing aspartame, and low-calorie sweeteners.

An anti-inflammatory diet is helpful in preventing auto-immune diseases from worsening, states the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Oxidative stress negatively affects stem cells in the bone marrow where platelets are produced. Such a diet maximizes the amount of fresh food consumed, particularly fruits and vegetables, and avoids processed foods and fast foods, as recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil. It is important to keep consumption to between 2,000 and 3,000 calories a day, adjusting for the gender and amount of activity of the individual.

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