What Are the Top Vitamins for Aging Men to Take to Maintain Their Health?

The top vitamins aging men may need to take to maintain their health include vitamins D, C, A, B12 and folic acid, advises Everyday Health. Although aging men can meet their nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals best through diligent attention to their diets, a complete multivitamin supplement may help those who have difficulty making quality food choices, points out the National Institute on Aging.

Older men may need extra vitamin D to help absorb calcium and strengthen their bones and muscles, explains Everyday Health. Because the body needs sunlight to manufacture vitamin D, older men who spend most of their time indoors may be deficient. A supplement helps to top off low levels. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes health and inhibits symptoms of aging. Eating vitamin C-rich foods and taking a multivitamin provides all the vitamin C that most men need.

Vitamin A boosts the immune system and enhances vision, according to Everyday Health. Too much vitamin A has harmful side effects, so most aging men don't need more vitamin A than they take in multivitamins. Older men often need additional vitamin B12, which promotes brain health, and research has not proved excess vitamin B12 to be harmful. Folic acid, another B vitamin, may help prevent heart disease.

If older people need multivitamins, they should take a complete, well-balanced supplement with a 100-percent dose of recommended vitamins and minerals, notes the National Institute on Aging. They should avoid multivitamin supplements that offer mega-doses, as they can be harmful and expensive.