What Are the Top Sites to Learn About Severe Canker Sore Treatment?


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Individuals may find medical sites such as the American Academy of Oral Medicine or Mayo Clinic to be good sources of information for the treatment of severe canker sores. Their articles on canker sores discuss treatment options such as over-the-counter products, prescription medicines and cauterization.

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A health professional may suggest using a combination of products to treat severe canker sores, according to the AAOM. Treatment may include the use of emollients to protect the area from stimulation, anesthetics to relieve the symptoms and antiseptics to clean the wound and fight bacteria.

Nutritional supplements may also help alleviate the condition, says the Mayo Clinic. Alternatively, a doctor may cauterize the canker sores to destroy the tissues and ease the pain. Canker sores may be a sign of other underlying health issues that require attention.

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