What Are the Top Over-the-Counter Jock Itch Cream Brands?

Suggested over-the-counter jock itch creams brands include: Lotrimin, Lamisil, Micatin and Monistat, as of 2015. The active ingredients in these medications are terbinafine, miconazole or clotrimazole, according to WebMD.

The rash-covered area should be washed with soap and water before applying an anti-fungal cream. Then the cream can be applied to the rash, including its outer edges. Product directions should be followed, and medication use should not stop when symptoms go away as the fungus may not be entirely gone, says WebMD. A doctor should be consulted if symptoms do not improve after two weeks.

Jock itch is a fungal infection that affects the outer layers of the skin, hair and nails. The fungus is most likely to grow in areas such as the groin, inner thighs and buttocks. This is because of the tendency of these areas to be warm and moist, reports WebMD.

Jock itch is most common in males, but can be acquired by females as well. Symptoms include: itching, pain and rash on the groin, skin folds, inner thighs or buttocks. The rash may be scaly or have bumps similar to blisters. The middle of the rash may also have a red-brown tint, says WebMD.

Jock itch can be prevented by properly washing and drying areas that are prone to infection. Workout clothes, socks and towels should also be washed after each use, reports WebMD.