What Are the Top High Fiber Foods to Eat for Constipation?


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Berries, beans, broccoli, dried fruit, and whole grain breads and cereals are excellent sources of fiber, according to Everyday Health. Nuts, particularly walnuts, peanuts and Brazil nuts, are also high in fiber but should be consumed in moderation due to their high caloric content.

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Prunes and prune juice are high in both insoluble fiber and sorbitol, according to MedicineNet. Sorbitol is a natural laxative, and the combination is particularly helpful in relieving constipation. Foods that contain psyllium seed husk, bran and methylcellulose tend to have similar effects as those of a laxative, according to WebMD.

Foods to avoid when suffering from constipation include chocolate, which tends to slow digestion, states MedicineNet. Foods that contain dairy are a common contributor to digestive problems, especially in those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Red meat can be difficult to digest due to being high in fat and iron and because of its tough protein fibers. Bananas and caffeine are both tricky as, under certain conditions, they may either help remedy or cause constipation.

Although fiber is excellent for digestion, an individual should gradually increase the intake of dietary fiber, according to Everyday Health. A healthy amount is between 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day; however, a sudden increase may cause bloating and cramping. Drinking more fluids helps move the fiber through the digestive tract properly.

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