What Are the Top-Five Multivitamins for Men?


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The top-five multivitamins for men are Centrum Men, Mega Men Sport, Especially For Men, Opti-Men and Men's Fitness Performance Pack, according to Men's Fitness. Multivitamins aim to fulfill all the daily vitamin requirements of the body.

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What Are the Top-Five Multivitamins for Men?
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Centrum Men targets an individual's daily Vitamin B requirements. Vitamin B is important for metabolising carbohydrates and fats, which ensures greater energy production. Mega Men Sport tries to strengthen joints through its inclusion of collagen and hyaluronic acids. It also contains more than twice the amount of Vitamin D3 than any other competing brand, which boosts colon health and felicitates a strong immune system, claims Men's Fitness. Especially For Men aims to be a green supplement and contains a lot of herbs and other whole foods, such as nettles, pumpkin seeds and garlic.

Opti-Men consists of 25 vitamins and minerals along with eight amino acids, such as arginine, glutamine, and BCAAs, reports Men's Fitness. This blend contributes toward protein requirements and aids in boosting muscle mass. The Men's Fitness Performance Pack includes two individually packaged servings for both health and performance enhancement. This supplement aims to improve sexual health and boost the metabolism, promoting fat loss. The Omega-3 fatty acids in the supplement promote heart health.

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