Who Are the Top Five Cardiologists in the United States?


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The top five cardiologists in the United States are Dr. Imran S. Virk, Dr. Anil K. Goel, Dr. Azita Moalemi, Dr. Armin Foghi and Dr. Hassan Tabandeh, according to RateMDs. As of April 2015, these cardiologists have an average rating of five full stars and plenty of positive reviews from satisfied patients.

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A reviewer stated that Dr. Imran S. Virk saved his life when he suffered a severe heart attack, as posted on RateMDs. Dr. Anil K. Goel has a reputation as an incredibly helpful doctor, while Dr. Azita Moalemi is an excellent cardiologist who explains medical information in an understandable way. Reviewers consider Dr. Armin Foghi very patient and knowledgeable, whereas Dr. Hassan Tabandeh is easy to work with and caring. Both Dr. Goel and Dr. Tabandeh feature Verified, Outstanding Staff, World-class Punctuality, Exceptionally Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable badges on their profiles.

Cardiologists diagnose, provide treatment for and help prevent conditions related to the cardiovascular system, explains RateMDs. Family doctors and primary care physicians recommend cardiologists to heart disease patients who require specific medical care.

Common conditions that cardiologists treat include heart failure, coronary artery disease, heart attack, irregular heartbeat and congenital heart problems, states RateMDs. If a patient requires surgery on the heart, blood vessels or lungs, cardiologists may refer patients to cardiovascular surgeons or cardiothoracic surgeons.

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