What Are the Top 10 Toothpaste Brands?

top-10-toothpaste-brands Credit: Monika Ribbe/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Ranking the top 10 best toothpaste brands depends on the source and on whether they are ranked by sales volume, overall effectiveness or effectiveness in achieving a particular effect. In 2012, Saint Lawrence Dentistry ranked the top 10 most trusted toothpaste brands by sales volume: Colgate, Crest, Sensodyne, Arm & Hammer, Close-Up, Aim, Pepsodent, Tom's of Maine, Jason and Peelu.

However, selecting a brand depends on what the consumer is looking for in a toothpaste. For example, Arm & Hammer, Tom's of Maine, Jason and Peelu all make toothpastes using natural ingredients; these brands are recommended for people who have sensitive teeth or who want to make sure the product they choose is animal friendly. Sensodyne is also trusted by people with sensitive teeth. Alternatively, brands like Colgate and Crest offer a very wide range of toothpastes that serve different purposes, including enamel strengthening or teeth whitening.

TeethWhiteningProductsHQ.com ranks the top 10 teeth whitening toothpastes as follows: Colgate Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, Opalescence Toothpaste, Crest 3D White, Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid, Ido White, White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste, White Glo Smoker Formula Whitening Toothpaste, White Glo Coffee and Tea Drinker Formula Whitening Toothpaste, Aqua Fresh White and Shine Toothpaste and Rembrandt Toothpaste.