What Are the Top 10 Foods Not to Eat If You Have High Cholesterol?


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Some of the foods a person with high cholesterol levels should avoid include cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, and steak, according to Everyday Health. Muffins, certain types of seafood, chicken, liver, fast foods and fried foods also contain high amounts of cholesterol.

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Meat, dairy products and other foods obtained from animals typically consist of saturated fats, whereas baked foods and fast food items contain trans fats, explains Everyday Health. Ingredients of the macaroni and cheese recipe are packed with both cholesterol and saturated fats. Dietitians suggest using low-fat cheese and evaporated milk instead of whole milk and butter. A person should also minimize eating ice cream and pick fresh fruits to lower cholesterol levels.

Leaner cuts of meat, such as tip steak or tenderloin, are recommended substitutes for a rib-eye steak, says Everyday Health. Muffins usually have lots of fats, but a good alternative is a low-fat bran muffin baked using whole-wheat flour. A person with high cholesterol should avoid lobsters and other cholesterol-rich seafoods. Chicken with skin and dark poultry can also increase an individual’s cholesterol levels.

The key to healthy eating is adding moderate and balanced amounts of varied food items to every meal, notes Everyday Health. Eggs make a good part of a heart-healthy meal plan when eaten in moderation. It is also essential to limit snacks, especially french fries, crackers and onion rings.

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