Why Are Tooth Extractions so Expensive?


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Tooth extractions are expensive due to the costs associated with dental procedures in general. The equipment used in dental procedures, such as extractions, including the chair and overhead light, the anesthesia applied, as well as the implant, denture or bridge used to replace the tooth, all are expenses that are passed along to patients, relates The Huffington Post. It can also become expensive because of the personnel the procedure requires, which can be two or more individuals at any given time.

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Dental procedures are also expensive because of the cost of constantly improving technology implemented by the dentist, and the simple cost of becoming a dentist. A dentist "has the equivalent of a Ph.D.," according to The Huffington Post. "The costs of becoming a dentist...are astronomical," which is "partially why your doctor, lawyer and dentist, who all had expensive educations, all charge large fees," says practicing dentist Thomas P. Connelly. Even a dentist's malpractice insurance is expensive, and this is yet another cost transferred to those utilizing his or her services.

A tooth extraction, regardless of cost, is an important procedure because it prevents or cures any infection resulting from the decayed or abscessed tooth. The procedure may require stitches, but an anesthetic will prevent pain during the process, as stated by WebMD.

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