What Tools Are Available Online for Identifying Medication?


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Pill identifier tools are available on Drugs.com, Pillbox and RxList. The tools are useful for consumers and professionals who need a quick way to identify medication that has been found or taken.

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What Tools Are Available Online for Identifying Medication?
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The pill identification tool at RXList relies on the user input for the shape, color and any imprint on the pill to narrow down results. Once the list of possible matches is displayed, the user can search by picture to identify the pill his possession.

Pillbox, which is managed by the National Library of Medicine as part of the National Institutes of Health, gives the user additional search criteria, such as size and score. Users can also use the tool to search by product name, ingredients or the level of control the substance requires. As of March 2014, Pillbox contained over 5,000 pill images, which equates to approximately half of the prescription medications approved for use in the United States.

Like its counterparts, the pill identifier tool at Drugs.com allows users to search for medications by imprint, color and shape, but it also allows for searches on drug name and National Drug Codes. All of the tools allow a user to read more about the medication, its side effects and interactions once he has identified it.

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