What Is Tonopan and Is It Addictive?

Tonopan is a nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, used in the treatment of arthritis. This drug does not have addictive properties, according to PDR.net.

Tonopan's active ingredient is diclofenac potassium, and it is sold in Switzerland and Columbia, reports Drugs.com. Used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, this drug is not indicated for use on people with aspirin or nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory drug allergies. The route of administration is oral tablets in the form of 50 to 200 milligram doses per day. Extended use of this drug may lead to the onset of hypertension or the worsening of hypertension, according to PDR.net. Blood pressure must be monitored closely while on Tonopan. Other possible side effects include the possibility of fluid retention, diarrhea, headache, heart failure, ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding, renal events, and skin reactions. Long-term use can cause anemia. This medication should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing or who may become pregnant.

All nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of heart events, stroke and gastrointestinal bleeding. Those with ulcers or perforated stomachs must be closely monitored while taking Tonopan. This drug is not for use with perioperative pain during a heart bypass procedure, reports PDR.net.