How Do Toning Tables Work?


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Toning tables are motorized devices that gently stretch and exercise the muscles in the body. As individuals lie down on the table, it positions their bodies in a variety of ways in order to focus on specific muscle groups.

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Toning tables are frequently used for rehabilitation purposes or as an exercise aid for senior citizens. They are also used to aid people who have difficulty maintaining a healthy exercise regimen. The movements of the toning table perform isometric exercises that are similar to yoga and pilates movements. The tables also provide more intensity than if the individuals were performing the movements on their own, while also helping individuals perform these movements. This allows users to get the most benefit from the movements they perform.

Toning tables also stimulate blood, lymph and general body circulation. They also help to improve posture by increasing the body's flexibility and mobility and lubricate the body's joints while restoring elasticity to the muscles. This movement also relaxes the body, which allows limbs and muscles to move more freely while helping to slow down the crystallization of the joints in those who suffer from arthritis. Using a toning table can also reduce pain and swelling in the joints.

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