Do Toning Tables Actually Work?

Toning tables are helpful for improving circulation and muscle flexibility and assisting with muscle rehabilitation. They are limited in their effectiveness in terms of weight loss.

According to Body Toning Success, the main reason to use a toning table is in the case of limited mobility or recovery from injury. Using a toning table for exercise is partially effective if the user moves his body rather than letting the machine do all the work. According to Living Healthy 360, toning tables do have some benefits that include assisting in performing isometric movements, improving flexibility and posture, lubricating joints, restoring muscle elasticity, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and performing lymph detoxification. Super Slim Slimming Clubs finds that toning tables help people with flexibility through isometric tensing and releasing of muscles, but they are not effective in achieving inch loss. Weight and inch loss can only be achieved with a healthy diet and aerobic exercise.