What Are the Best Toning Exercises for Flabby Arms?


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Efficient Life Skills recommends a few simple exercises for toning flabby arms, including push-ups, tricep dips, tricep extensions, stretched planks and close-grip push-ups on a bench. Two to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions during each strength-building exercise session work to tighten and tone the upper and lower arms and prevent them from sagging and becoming flabby.

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To get toned arms, two to three arm workouts per week are necessary, allowing at least one rest day between workouts, according to Efficient Life Skills. Equipment needed for these exercises include a dumbbell for the tricep extensions, a chair to assist with the tricep dips and a workout bench to assist with the close-grip push-ups. Body weight resistance is used for the remaining exercises to shape the arms.

On an exercise mat or other non-slip surface, form a plank or push-up position, as Efficient Life Skills instructs. Lift one arm in front and the opposite leg in back and press both upward, alternating arms and legs to perform the stretched planks. Add to a traditional push-up by placing the thumbs and index fingers in a triangle on the edge of a bench and completing repetitions of this elevated push-up. Avoid locking the elbows when doing any arm toning exercises to prevent injury.

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