How Is Tongue Pain Treated?


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Examples of treatments for pain in the tongue or mouth include over-the-counter pain medications such as Advil or Aleve, surgery and radiation. Treatment of tongue issues ultimately depends on the cause of the symptom, says MedicineNet.

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Certain tongue problems require no treatment while others are the result of an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed. Tongue pain due to an injury should be looked at by a dentist or physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment method, explains MedicineNet. In an evaluation, the physician collects information about symptoms and the clinical appearance of the tongue. Since causes of tongue issues are so various, sometimes a biopsy is required in order to give an accurate diagnosis.

Practicing good oral cleanliness helps prevent certain tongue problems while other oral issues are preventable with a nutrient rich diet. Serious tongue problems are not preventable, but manageable treatment is available, says MedicineNet.

In addition to pain, discoloration, swelling, growths and taste concerns are symptoms of tongue issues. Dehydration, dry mouth and a fever are also associated with sore tongues. Risk factors for tongue problems include smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, low oral cleanliness, weak immune systems and viruses. Not consuming alcohol has been linked to helping prevent oral cancer, reports MedicineNet.

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