How Do You Get Tongue Disease?


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A person can get a tongue disease due to an underlying issue or taking an irritating substance, as stated by Healthline. The symptoms a person is experiencing will help to determine the main cause of the condition. Most tongue diseases always resolve quickly after treatment, but some are usually caused by serious conditions, such as AIDS and oral cancer.

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A person may experience pain on the tongue due to an injury or an infection. Hot foods or injury from a bite can lead can cause taste buds or inflamed papillae, which leads to pain. Pain on the tongue can also be caused by a canker sore, which tends to occur without any known reason but clear up without treatment. Other causes of pain include anemia, cancer and infuriating dentures.

Neuralgia, which is caused by aging, tumors, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, may also lead to severe pain and damage to the nerve. Swelling of the tongue can be caused by a certain medication or underlying conditions, such as anemia, Down syndrome, leukemia, step throat and tongue cancer. Sudden swelling of the tongue can be due to an allergic reaction.

A discolored tongue is usually as a result of vitamin B12 or iron folic acid deficiency. Taking alcohol and smoking usually leads to a white tongue. While lines on the tongue are caused by an inflammation called oral lichen planus, which is caused by poor dental hygiene or other underlying issues. A hairy tongue can be caused by antibiotics and taking too much irritating substances, as stated by Healthline.

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