How Do I Get Toned Pecs?

How Do I Get Toned Pecs?

Toning pectoral muscles is a process that can take several months to complete. To get toned pectorals, you will need access to a safe location to perform push-ups, as well as a weighted vest.

  1. Perform push-ups regularly

    Make sure you understand proper push-up techniques. Place your hands at shoulder width with only your hands and feet touching the floor. Keep your upper body flat while you descend and then push back up while exerting a great amount of force. Push-ups build definition in all of the pectoral muscles.

  2. Add weights to your push-ups

    Continue performing push-ups until they become easier and easier to complete. In order to further increase the definition and tone of your pectorals, you will need to ramp up the intensity of your workout. Wear a weighted vest while performing push-ups. This makes them more difficult to complete but also increases the rate at which your pectorals become defined.

  3. Engage in other forms of exercise

    Get regular exercise that does not directly relate to your chest. This includes running or jogging, or even performing strength training on other parts of the body. Other exercises help you burn calories, which will lower your total body fat. When your body fat percentage is low, all your muscles will appear more cut and toned, including your pectorals.