How Do You Get Toned Arms?

How Do You Get Toned Arms?

Get toned arms by doing exercises that target the muscles of the front and back of the arm. Doing these exercises with weights and adding enough repetitions tones arms, but be sure to allow muscles time to rest in between workout days.

  1. Work the biceps

    Use dumbbells to perform different exercises to work the biceps. Standing bicep curls and hammer curls with weights offer the resistance bicep muscles need to become toned and defined. With palms up, hold the weights and curl them up towards shoulders for bicep curls. Hammer curls involve the same movement, but keep the palms toward the sides of the body.

  2. Tone the triceps

    Toning triceps often eliminates flabby underarms. Try tricep extensions and tricep kickbacks to improve the look of the back and underside of arms. Extensions involve lying on a bench, holding weights over the shoulders and pressing the arms up and down while keeping elbows pointed forward. Kickbacks utilize a swinging movement backwards while crouching on a bench. The arm holding the weight moves back from a downward position until it is straight.

  3. Work shoulders and other arm muscles

    Add in other exercises to work the additional muscles in the arm. Arm circles, shoulder presses, high V presses and back touches all work shoulder, back and small arm muscles to help arms look lean and toned.