How Do You Get Toned Abs?


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A person can get toned abs by running, cycling, swimming, jogging, eating a low-fat diet and performing crunches, according to FitDay. All of these measures reduce belly fat.

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Aerobic exercises are more efficient than crunches, notes FitDay. Cardio activity helps the body reveal more of the abs. Dieters should do 30 minutes of exercises that elevate the heart rate three times a week. The body begins to burn stored fat 30 minutes after the heart rate is heightened as it burns energy from food during the first 20 minutes of activity.

Eating a protein-rich diet helps a person build muscle, reports FitDay. Muscle development also reveals more of the abs. Cut sugar from the diet; replace it with carbohydrates in the form of pasta and whole grain bread. Replace fats removed from a diet with more carbs. The rest of the diet should consist of food that gives the body a healthy amount of calories for the day, and a sufficient number of calories reduces unhealthy cravings.

Although aerobic exercise is more efficient than crunches, abdominal toning is still needed to get a six pack. Perform three forms of crunches to tone the abs: crunches, reverse crunches and bicycle crunches, explains FitDay. Crunches target the upper abdomen, reverse crunches hit the lower abdomen and bicycle crunches work the oblique muscles.

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