How Do You Tone Legs?


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The best way to tone the legs is through exercises that focus on engaging key leg muscles. Some common exercise moves are squats and the skater lunge.

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Squats are an effective exercise for toning leg muscles because they engage nearly every muscle in each repetition. A basic squat begins by placing the legs shoulder width apart with feet firmly planted facing forward. Bend legs at the knee, and lower the upper body downward. Extend the buttocks while keeping the back as straight as possible. Hold in this position for a few seconds, and then slowly rise back up. Modifications include adding a leap at the top or using a medicine ball against a wall for balance.

The skater lunge is a modification on a standard lunge that mimics the movements of someone on ice skates. Begin by standing with the legs shoulder width apart, then raise the right leg and extend it to the left behind the left leg. Bend the left leg and hold in this position for a few seconds with both arms also extended to the left. Rise back to a starting position and repeat with the other leg. Variations include holding light weights in the hands for an added upper body workout.

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