How Do You Tone Your Inner Thighs?


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Some exercises that tone the inner thighs include squats, the single leg circle and lunges. Pilates and yoga also have some moves that help tone thighs. Some exercise equipment, such as the magic circle, adds extra tension and resistance to create a more significant challenge when exercising.

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Most inner thigh exercises are modified squats. There are some that require no extra props, such as the plyometric squat, which involves jumping from a 90-degree squat position and landing back into the same position, and the plie, in which the person stands straight and lowers into a squat.

Another effective exercise is to use an exercise ball between the back and the wall and to then lower into a squat position, holding it for a few seconds before standing. Dumbbells add extra weight to squats, and some exercises, such as the toe squat, are elevated with overhead reach for effectiveness. This squat involves holding the legs together and being in a half-squat with arms above the head before lifting the same position to the balls of the feet.

The one leg circle is part of Pilates. It is practiced by laying on the ground and lifting one leg, circling it slowly in both directions. If this is too easy, Pilates devotees write out the letters of the alphabet. Lunges can be used with or without dumbbells, pushing one leg forward and bending the knees until the back knee almost touches the floor before returning to a standing position.

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