How Do You Tone Your Biceps and Triceps?


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Toning biceps and triceps involves incorporating curling exercises (pulling movements) for biceps and extension exercises (pushing movements) for triceps using body weight, hand-held weights or machines for resistance with multiple sets and repetitions of different exercises. According to BodyBuilding.com, since many curling and pressing exercises are more efficiently performed using weights, dumbbells are a sensible choice relating to cost. They are also easy to use and store.

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How Do You Tone Your Biceps and Triceps?
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Weight resistance exercises performed with dumbbells tone biceps and triceps for women and men with either beginner or advanced training experience. Unilateral training with dumbbells can also broaden the scope of an exercise program, balance out weaker sides of the body, add variety and help aid recovery from injury, as stated by Muscle & Strength.

A wide variety of exercises, pre-planned workouts and guides are available on BodyBuilding.com. A workout of curls for biceps combined with presses and extensions for triceps can be developed by choosing exercises from these biceps and triceps guides that provide video and photo instructions for each exercise with either a male or female performing the exercise. In addition, there are descriptions of muscles involved, equipment required, fitness level, body mechanics used and force exerted, as in push for triceps and pull for biceps.

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