How Do I Tone My Abs Using an Elastic Exercise Band?


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One technique when toning the abs with an elastic exercise band is called the baseball swing, according to Fitness Magazine. Another method is called the upstream swim. Whenever exercising with an exercise band, making it into a cross shape and twisting it adds twice the resistance, toning the abs more effectively.

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Fitness Magazine shows that the baseball swing method is accomplished by spreading the feet apart, both feet on the center of the band, and crossing the tube once or twice in the center. Afterwards, grab the handles and get into a half-squat position. Keep both elbows slightly bent and in front of the body, with both handles paired together. Keep both palms tightly grasped on the handles. Rise from the half-squat position, but keep the elbows bent and swing both hands over the right shoulder while rotating the torso to the right. Pivot the left toes and straighten both legs. Return to the half-squat position and repeat as necessary, switching sides along the way. The baseball method targets different parts of the body, including the abs, back and arms.

Fitness Magazine notes that the upstream swim method is done by standing on both feet on the center of the band, crossing it once or twice. Keep a grasp on both handles. Squat in a forward position at the hips. The arms should be extended down, with the back parallel to the ground. Lift the right arm in front and the right arm behind simultaneously. Both palms should face downward. Hold for up to three seconds and lower the arms. This technique targets the abs, shoulders, arms and back.

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