How Does Tommie Copper Compression Wear Work?


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The Tommie Copper recovery line of compression products gently compresses targeted muscles, which helps the body recover from physical damage, and its form-fitting sports performance products complement the body's natural movements. Tommie Copper compression wear is wearable during the day while performing normal activities.

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Compression wear socks, tights, gloves and other items are often worn for therapeutic benefits such as improved circulation and blood flow to specific areas of the body. Athletes turn to compression wear to improve oxygen levels, cut down on muscle fatigue and prevent muscle cramps. Medical-grade compression stockings are useful for prevention of blood clots, leg swelling and aches. Experts have varied opinions about athletic benefits derived from wearing such products, and evidence of their effectiveness mostly comes from individual personal experience. Studies found no difference in oxygen consumption or heart rate of those who wore compression socks and those who did not.

There is no harm in wearing compression products during athletic workouts, as long as the individual is comfortable. Sizing is important, and Tommie Copper customers are able to use its sizing chart to find a perfect fit for men and women. Its products are designed with anti-chafing and anti-odor technologies and are machine washable. Tommy Copper products must not be washed using bleach or fabric softener.

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