How Do You Do a Toe Touch?


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The toe touch is a move in cheerleading and acrobatics performed by touching the toes with the fingertips while in mid air. Don't attempt a toe touch without stretching beforehand. Ensure that you jump with as much momentum as possible, and bring your arms out to the sides at the same time as extending your legs out so that you can touch your toes.

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  1. Prepare to jump

    Begin with your feet together and arms in the air in a V. Keep your back straight and your arms relaxed.

  2. Jump into the air

    Bend your knees and jump straight up. If you need more momentum, bring your arms to your side and swing them up as you jump.

  3. Touch your toes

    Bring your arms out to your sides. At the same time, move your legs straight out at your sides, lifting them up until you can touch them with your fingers.

  4. Land on the ground

    Bring your legs back together to land. Point your toes and bend your legs slightly to absorb the shock of hitting the ground.

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