What Are Some Tips for Writing a Thank You Note?


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Hand write a message, rather than typing it out or using a word processor. Another tip for writing a thank you note is to use attractive-sounding words that express gratitude in a heartfelt manner, rather than using casual or slang terms.

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It’s important that a thank you note contain a greeting to the person the note is intended for; according to direct marketing principles, a person actually enjoys seeing his name written in ink. Additionally, a thank you note should be handwritten in blue-black or black ink rather than with a colored pen or marker. The words in the note should catch the attention of the reader, not simply the colors of the words.

A thank you note should be written in present-perfect tense and should acknowledge the relationship between the person writing the thank you card and the one receiving it. The note should also refrain from directly mentioning or saying thank you for an exact amount of money. To express appreciation for receipt of a monetary gift, a thank you note can state the words “thank you for your generosity” or “thank you for your kindness” rather than saying a thank you for a defined sum of money. Additionally, a thank you note should not contain irrelevant information that detracts from the purpose of the thank you card, such as a news update on the life of the person writing the note.

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