What Are Some Tips for a Woman 33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins?

What Are Some Tips for a Woman 33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins?

According to PregnancyCorner.com, during the third trimester or 33rd week, sleeplessness may be a problem as well as edema and fatigue. Frequent urination is also experienced by women during this time in their pregnancy. To overcome these kinds of symptoms, stay focused on preparing for the delivery. Get involved in prenatal testing to monitor the twins' health and prepare the items for the hospital visit. Include babies' essentials and toiletries.

By the time a woman reaches the 33rd week of pregnancy, she should know whether she is opting for a C-section or will be having a vaginal delivery, according to PregnantwhattoExpect.com. Discussing all the aspects of delivery with one's doctor is important at this time. Pain-reliever alternatives should be discussed during the consultation.

End-of-term prenatal testing includes amniocentesis and examination by ultrasound. Both tests show whether the babies' lungs have matured and their movements and heart rates.

Because the law does not permit the discharge of newborn without the installation of car seats, according to Dad's, the seats should be in place during the 33rd week.

Women in their 33rd week who will be delivering twins typically have gained an average of 15 pounds, according to DadsGuidetoTwins.com. They continue to gain about 1.5 pounds per week until delivery. Twins who are born during week 33 stay in the hospital around 3 weeks.