What Are Some Tips for Wearing Prosthetic Legs Below the Knee?


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Tips for wearing prosthetic legs below the knee include wearing more than one sock or liner between the residual limb and the prosthetic socket, trying on multiple kinds of socks and liners before settling on one, and washing the sock or liner on a daily basis, states Amputee Coalition. Patients are advised to apply antiperspirant before putting on their socks or liners. Products such as mineral oil are helpful for keeping the skin adequately moisturized.

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Tips for prosthetic care include always keeping emergency materials nearby, washing any materials that come into contact with skin, and notifying the prosthetist if problems arise with the prosthetic, reports Amputee Coalition. Helpful emergency materials include bandages, antihistamine and antibiotic ointment, and stump socks. Liners, socks and other materials that touch skin should be washed with soap and water on a daily basis.

Patients with below-knee amputation should ensure their sleeping and bathing habits are healthy for their residual limb, notes Amputee Coalition. To ensure they retain the ability to straighten their knee, patients should avoid placing their knee on a pillow during sleep. Patients who have recently undergone amputation should avoid bathing and showering in the morning, as exposure of the newly amputated limb to running water is likely to cause swelling, making it more difficult to put on a prosthesis.

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