What Are Some Tips for Walking With a Cane?


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When walking with a cane, the user should grip it firmly, move it in unison with the opposite leg and place it entirely on the ground before putting weight on it. For turns, he pivots on his stronger leg.

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What Are Some Tips for Walking With a Cane?
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Types of canes include single-point canes, quad-point canes and three-point canes. Canes with more points support more weight, and people with neurological impairments often use this type. Single-point canes are best for those who need less support, such as those with arthritis.

The cane's grip should be comfortable and fit the user's hand well to avoid stressing the joints. Grip options include foam grips and grips that are custom-fitted to the user's hand. If the cane is the correct height, it lines up with the crease of the user's wrist when his arm hangs straight down.

The user holds the cane in the hand that corresponds to his stronger leg. If he doesn't have a stronger and weaker leg, he can use either hand to grip the cane. He may want to use his non-dominant hand, so his dominant hand is free to use.

The user takes a step with the leg opposite the cane and moves the cane with it. He puts the cane's points on the ground so it's balanced and puts weight on it to relieve pressure on the leg. He then steps his other leg past the cane and repeats this process for subsequent steps.

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