What Are Some Tips for Using Yahoo Personals?


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Some tips for using Yahoo Personals and other online dating portals include exercising certain safety precautions to protect yourself by being web savvy and getting to know the other person before meeting them in person. If you want to be successful in finding love online, it is a good idea to choose an appropriate user name and a flattering photo, and to send personalized messages.

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As of 2015, online portals such as Yahoo Personals are responsible for a staggering number of dates, relationships and marriages, but using these dating sites requires cyber-security awareness in order to stay safe. Some safety tips for meeting someone for the first time include choosing a public place, staying sober and telling a friend who you are meeting and where you are going. Requests for a wire transfer of money should raise a red flag, and you should not hesitate to report suspicious users. You should initially remain anonymous and not share your address or other personal details with people you have met on Yahoo Personals.

Many successful relationships are forged on Yahoo Personals, but unfortunately scam artists can also create fake profiles to meet people on online dating sites. OnGuardOnline.gov outlines some important measures you can take to recognize a scam artist and keep yourself and your finances safe.

Picking a humorous or clever screen name can showcase your personality even before you meet someone. Generic responses are often ignored, and you are more likely to get responses if you write personalized messages to people, referencing things they have mentioned in their profiles. Pay genuine compliments to make the other person feel special, and present yourself in a positive light without trying to appear perfect.

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