What Are Some Tips for Using Cheap Teeth Covers?


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When using cheap teeth covers, avoid eating and do not drink hot beverages, warns Dental Care Matters. Additionally, practice speech in front of a mirror before wearing teeth covers in public, as many people have difficulty speaking while wearing them.

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Teeth covers of the budget variety typically offer limited functionality, explains Dental Care Matters. The products are essentially standard veneers made of a tooth-like plastic, which is heated in water and then applied to the consumer's actual teeth. The hot water causes the plastic to become malleable, and the veneer cools into a form shaped by the consumer's teeth. For this reason, individuals wearing cheap teeth covers should not drink hot beverages such as tea or coffee.

Individuals who wish to enjoy snap-on teeth covers that are more functional can ask their dentists for a professionally made Snap-On Smile system, notes Dental Care Matters. These systems are more substantial than cheap teeth covers and can be used while eating. They are typically worn by individuals undergoing large dental implants, where titanium implants must rest in the jaw for several months before they are strong enough to support teeth. Snap-On Smile systems tend to be more expensive than cheap teeth covers, however, and take longer to construct.

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