What Are Some Tips and Tricks That Models Use to Stay Thin?


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Models are celebrated for their thin bodies, as well as their beauty, but in reality models go to extreme lengths to maintain the thinness required by the modeling industry, according to the International Business Times. The Telegraph reports that other models, such as Victoria's Secret model Andrea Lima, say that exercise is the key to maintaining a model-thin body.

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The disturbing diet measures taken by some models include eating tissues or cotton balls soaked in orange juice to convince their bodies that their stomachs are full, according to the IB Times and the Mail Online. Eating disorders like anorexia are prevalent among models, along with taking drugs or smoking cigarettes to suppress appetite, because they starve themselves to stay thin, as the IB Times explains. Victoria's Secret models work out multiple times a day to maintain their weight and fit appearance, explains the Telegraph.

WebMD offers more realistic, healthful diet advice focusing on eating five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day, keeping healthy snacks available, drinking plenty of water, dealing with stress through non-food copying skills and being physically active. The fiber from fruits and vegetables helps one feel full while delivering plenty of nutrients. Ultimately, there are no tricks to maintaining a healthy, slim body, only exercise combined with a healthy diet.

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