What Are Some Tips for Treating Minor Burns?


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Some tips for treating a minor burn are to cool it down with water, apply different types of ointments and take medication for pain, states Mayo Clinic. A minor burn can cause skin to become red, inflamed and a small blister also may form. For a minor burn, any clothing that is not stuck to the burned skin should first be removed before beginning first aid treatment at home.

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What Are Some Tips for Treating Minor Burns?
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After clothes are removed, the burned skin area should be placed under running cold water for approximately 15 minutes to relieve pain. However, the application of ice on the burn should not be used, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. If using cold running water on the burn is not possible, then place a wet cool towel on the burn site.

It is also important to take proper care of the burn site by applying a substances, such as aloe vera gel. If there is a blister, it is wise not to break it because it may become infected, states MedlinePlus. Covering the burn with sterile gauze can help to protect it, but it should be changed on a daily basis. For pain, acetaminophen or another OTC pain reliever, maybe useful. As the burn heals, it can become itchy but scratching the burn site should be avoided.

These are some tips for taking care of a small minor burn, but a minor first degree burn that involves areas of the body, such as the face or feet, should be seen by a doctor, states Mayo Clinic. Similarly, a second or third degree burn, which can cover a large skin area, requires prompt medical attention.

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