What Are Some Tips for Toric Contact Lens Wearers?


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Some tips for wearers of toric contact lenses are to be sure to obtain the proper fit of lenses and to wear the appropriate type of lens for the type of astigmatism to be corrected. Toric lenses have special areas of thickness and orientations to correct astigmatism.

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Obtaining the proper fit of toric contact lenses is essential to ensuring the correction area lines up with the wearer’s astigmatism and that the lens stays in place. Otherwise, the lens can slip and remain disoriented, causing blurred vision for the wearer.

Wearers should also be sure to wear the appropriate type of lens for the severity of the astigmatism. A mild astigmatism allows the wearer to choose soft, gas permeable lenses that offer more comfort and options in terms of brands and wearing schedules but generally do not stay in place as well as hard lenses. More severe astigmatisms require rigid lenses that may initially feel less comfortable and take more time to get used to but usually stay in place better than soft lenses.

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