What Are Some Tips for Talking to Girls?


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Tips for talking to girls include acting confident, keeping the conversation going and treating every girl with respect. Talking to girls gets easier the more often one tries it.

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A person can demonstrate confidence by keeping his shoulders back so he has good posture, looking the girl in her eyes and speaking clearly instead of mumbling. Confidence shows that a person is sure of himself, which is an attractive quality. A boy shouldn't worry about rejection, because this can detract from his confidence. One way he can stop worrying about rejection is by acknowledging to himself that the worst case scenario is that the girl isn't interested in him.

To keep the conversation going, he should talk about things that are interesting to him. This makes the conversation fun and takes away nervousness. If he can't think of what to say, he should talk about the first thing that comes to mind. Not knowing what to say is typically caused by nervousness, so talking about anything to avoid that situation corrects the problem.

Girls usually like men who make them laugh. The most effective way to make a girl laugh is humorous observations, instead of reciting jokes. The boy should also be respectful, as disrespectful behavior is a turn off for many girls.

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