What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Elderly People?


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Individuals caring for the elderly should keep the lines of communication open with family members to determine the most appropriate plan for assisting with daily needs such as bathing, feeding, socializing and medical care, suggests WebMD. Caregivers should also communicate with the elderly person in their care to determine wants and needs in terms of care.

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Caring for the elderly involves maintaining quality of life for the patient and offering support and love, according to WebMD. Caregivers should educate themselves about symptoms and treatments of an aging individual who is suffering from a disease. Caring for the elderly involves tracking exercise, daily routines, doctor appointments and medication schedules.

People caring for the elderly should choose a time when the patient is relaxed to discuss preferences about service providers and medical care, suggests Mayo Clinic. Caregivers should simplify explanations if an elderly patient is confused or has difficulty understanding decisions that need to be made. Elderly patients who are resistant to care or assistance with daily routines may need encouragement from family members or friends to accept that others are willing to help.

Caregivers should be sensitive to the fact that the elderly often find it stressful to be the recipient of care and may be juggling mental hurdles as they age, explains WebMD. Children of aging parents may need to tend to financial paperwork to ensure the elderly parent is financially secure to pay for medical care and daily expenses.

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