What Are Some Tips for Switching to a Vegan Diet?


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When transitioning to a vegan diet, consume enough protein, and create a diet plan revolving around necessary nutrients. Remove all meat and dairy products from the home, and purchase a vegan cookbook for ideas on substitutions for your favorite meals.

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The recommended protein intake is about 36 grams for every 100 pounds of body weight. To reach the required protein amount, eat a sufficient amount of legumes, seeds, nuts and whole grains along with fruits and vegetables to gain enough vitamins and minerals. Legumes and nuts contain the most protein available in smaller quantities. Additionally, women should incorporate soy in their diets as a complete protein, but men should avoid soy due to possible interferences in hormones.

Create a diet plan for the first month consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner to simplify meals. When making a plan, mimic your diet prior to a vegan transition to ease the switch. Avoid junk foods, but look for alternatives to meat and dairy, such as veggie burgers and soy "chicken" nuggets, or vegan cheese. Examples of food alternatives are vegan chili, veggie burritos, baked potatoes with soy cheese or vegan burgers.

Remove all animal products from the home, including meats, dairy and eggs. Look at the packaging of boxed products and canned goods to verify that there are no animal products in them. Donate or throw out food items that don't fit the vegan lifestyle. For vegan meal ideas, either purchase a cookbook or browse online for vegan recipes.

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