What Are Some Tips for a Successful Self-Penile Trimix Injection?


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Some tips for successful self-penile trimix injections are to become familiar and confident with the process of doing it by practicing first with an urologist, injecting directly into the side of the penis and using alternate sides of the penis on subsequent injections, explains Advanced Urological Care P.C. The number of injections should not exceed 12 per month.

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Although patients may be hesitant at first to perform the injection themselves, eventually, most patients become used to the process and can do it confidently, reports Advanced Urological Care P.C. Most patients even get used to the sensation of the needle over time.

Technically, patients should make sure they follow proper procedures when injecting themselves, such as ensuring that they are injecting the proper dosage, making sure the medication is not expired, not allowing the sterile needle to touch anything before the injection after filling the syringe and removing air bubbles from the syringe once it is filled, advises Advance Urological Care P.C. When performing the injection, one hand should hold the penis in place by the head with the skin pulled back, if necessary, so that there is no slippage. The injection goes into the corpus cavernosa and should be done with the needle piercing the upper back part of the penis just to the right or the left of the middle.

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