What Are Some Tips to Stop Bullying?


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Students can help stop bullying by telling an adult whenever bullying occurs, avoiding places where bullying happens, calmly and confidently telling a bully to stop and laughing it off, according to StopBullying.gov. Ways that adults can help stop bullying include remaining vigilant in observing behaviors, never ignoring incidences of bullying, remaining calm, holding bystanders accountable and addressing students privately, the National Education Association asserts.

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Bullies thrive on getting emotive responses from their targets, so if someone is bullying you, minimize your response by making eye contact and using a calm voice to tell the bully to stop, suggests StopBullying.gov. Catch the bully off guard by laughing in response to the mean behavior. If speaking out is not an option, walk away and avoid the bully. Stop cyberbullying by keeping your password private and being careful about what you post. There is always a chance that someone chooses to forward what you write, which can result in hurt or embarrassment.

Adults should recognize key warning signs of bullying, such as lost and destroyed belongings, unexplained injuries, avoidance of social events and alterations in eating patterns, states the NEA. Assure students that you are a supportive person who takes their concerns seriously. Recognize that bullying can continue for years and can be very damaging, so intervene as soon as you recognize that bullying is taking place.

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