What are some tips for starting a walking program?


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Tips for starting a walking program include getting high-quality equipment, finding a convenient time, starting slowly and tracking progress. The most important part of a walking program is doing it consistently so that it becomes a habit.

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High-quality equipment prevents injuries and makes walking more comfortable. One way to find a good pair of shoes for walking or running is to visit a running shop. Exercise clothing is also important, as cotton clothes don't provide insulation when it's cold and soak up moisture when a person sweats. Workout clothes that wick away sweat and provide warmth when it's cold are a better choice.

The best time for a walk is when it doesn't interfere with the person's life. That way, it doesn't cause stress or cause the person to miss anything important.

Starting slowly prevents injuries or burning out from intense workouts. Speed and distance aren't important when starting a walking program. Every workout should have a five-minute warm up and a five-minute cool down. The exercise portion of a walking routine should be a brisk walk, intense enough to get the blood flowing without causing shortness of breath. Workout length or intensity can increase with time.

Progress to track includes the time and distance walked every day. Tracking progress is encouraging and makes the person want to continue the walking program to keep improving.

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