What Are Some Tips for Responding to Online Personal Ads?


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Individuals should avoid using a general template to respond to online personal ads and reference details read in the sender's profile. The response should include a list of common interests and sincerely show interest in the individual's hobbies, occupations or reflections detailed in the profile.

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A response to an online personal ad should also include a humble introduction to likes, dislikes and general information that suggests there may be a possible connection in the future. The information should focus on positive aspects of the sender's life and avoid detailing information that is too personal, such as place of residence, phone numbers or workplace. Keep the response general and give just enough information to keep the individual intrigued.

Avoid sharing negative details that can easily turn off a potential match, such as complaints about past relationships. Provide details about interests without boasting or bragging. Scan the sender's profile to find activities enjoyed by both parties and highlight experiences that are similar. Feel free to compliment the sender's profile picture without focusing too much on appearance. A phrase such as "You look like you have a carefree spirit and I admire that" is recommended over "You are extremely attractive and just my type."

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