What Are Some Tips for Removing Embedded Splinters?


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To remove painful splinters, attach sticky tape or hair removal wax to affected area, and then gently pull it away to dislodge the splinter, recommends WebMD. Painless splinters can be left to come out on their own naturally.

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Before attempting to remove the splinter, it is important to wash the affected area with mild soap and water, notes WebMD. It may be possible to grasp the tip of the splinter with a pair of disinfected tweezers to remove it.

If the end of the splinter cannot be grasped with tweezers, use a needle to open the skin, and access the splinter, states WebMD. If necessary, use a bright light and magnifying glass to locate the tip. Seek medical assistance if the splinter cannot be removed or if it is very deep or bleeding profusely. Splinters lodged under a fingernail or toenail may require professional treatment,

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