What Are Tips for Reducing Blood Sugar?


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Healthy eating and exercise are the primary ways of reducing blood sugar. However, these two lifestyle changes are not always enough, and an individual may also need medication such as insulin treatment, according to Healthline.

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An increase in blood sugar, also called hyperglycemia, is common in individuals experiencing type 2 diabetes, whereby the body produces an insufficient amount of insulin or the body is less sensitive to insulin. This condition requires medical attention and lifestyle changes such as increasing body activity and healthy dieting, as it can lead to cardiovascular disease, joint problems, kidney failure and nerve damage, explains Healthline.

Exercises such as swimming, bike riding and walking are crucial in reducing blood sugar. They increase heartbeat and breathing rates, making the muscles use the sugar in the bloodstream. This action causes the body to respond better to insulin, which lowers glucose levels, WebMD states. It is important to monitor the blood sugar before and after exercise. This helps patients gauge the effectiveness of the exercise in lowering blood sugar and helps them see how they can adjust insulin intake, notes Healthline.

Patients should concentrate on low-GI foods such as stone-ground wheat, non-starchy vegetables and steel cut oats, as these foods are less likely to increase blood sugar. They should avoid processed foods, junk foods and high-GI foods such as popcorn, white bread, instant oatmeal and white rice, advises Healthline.

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