What Are Some Tips for Recognizing Bug Bite Types?


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Compare the bug bite to pictorial guides available on WebMD and Health Central to identify bug bite types and assist with bug bite recognition. If online picture guides do not help to identify the bug bite, seek the advice of a doctor, and if possible, take the bug for identification.

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Many bug bite types have specific characteristics that can aid in recognition. Fire ant bites are typically painful and have a red center surrounded by lighter rings, notes Health Central. Bed bugs leave a large circle of bites that cause itching, swelling and blisters, while mosquito bites cause severe itching and a red welt or bump to appear. Black Widow spider bites look like red fang marks and the area may turn red or become tender, explains WebMD. Brown recluse spider bites are usually painless, but the surrounding skin turns white, then reddens, blisters and becomes very painful.

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