What Are Some Tips for Receiving a Massage?


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Tips for receiving a massage including being punctual, not eating right before the massage and being properly hydrated. Massage clients must be receptive to the massage and comfortable with the loss of physical privacy.

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What Are Some Tips for Receiving a Massage?
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Being punctual helps the body relax during a massage. Getting into the session in a hurried and frenzied state inhibits relaxation of the muscles. Massage clients should not eat in the two hours before a massage session to allow the body to digest the food. Proper hydration before and after the massage helps flush the toxins out of the muscles as well as reduces the chances of being sore. Connective tissues are more elastic with proper hydration.

Being approachable, open and receptive to the massage prepares the body to relax and receive the best out of the exercise. The client's comfort and privacy are vital to a successful massage. The client should only take off the clothes he feels comfortable removing. He should communicate with the massage therapist regarding which parts of the body he would like treated.

A massage therapist works well when allowed to do the job. The massage client should avoid lifting or moving any body parts in anticipation of the therapist’s movement. Taking a 15-minute walk after the massage minimizes potential stiffness in the muscles. The connective tissues that are pulled apart during the massage need to lubricate through movement to prevent any post-massage inflammation or soreness.

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